Macro e-NodeB (TDD/FDD)

  1. Macro e-NodeB (TDD/FDD)

    Kleos Advanced 8T8R LTE eNodeB platform is composed of BBU, RRU, Antennae, and PSU, providing cellular coverage via IP backhaul. With embedded world-leading multi-antenna technology, it enables extremely high spectrum efficiency and ultimate coverage range, meeting tremendous data requirement for mobile broadband applications.

    With the aim of providing maximum deployment flexibility, Pegasus was designed with the following characteristics:

    " An all outdoor base station (BBU, RRU,
    Antennas and Power Supply)

    " Optimized connectivity between Antennae, RRUs, and BBUs to ensure minimum cabling requirements

    " Modular, capacity-oriented design

    " Extremely low power consumption, designed to operate on zero diesel bases

    " Supports all SON (Self Organizing Networks) features

    " Deployable with no or with minimal Frequency Planning