Please Join us at booth C121.
KLEOS is exhibiting the world’s most powerful LTE/4G+ base station, PEGASUS.
Our wireless superiority coupled with our unique IoT platform capabilities and smart Virtual EPC, position our solution as the ultimate path for both, Commercial and Public Safety operators, in their evolution towards the new era of 5G. SPECTRONITE is launching X-Series.
SPECTRONITE is launching X-Series, the first 5G ready wireless backhaul and takes the lead on microwave radio capacity.
X-Series extreme capacity ranges from 1Gbps up to 10Gbps in licensed microwave frequencies (6 to 38 GHz bands) while allowing for the longer microwave hops through its unique Digital Long-Haul architecture.
X-Series re-defines design rules of microwave radios: It allows for the creation of flexible, evolution ready, ultra-high-capacity connections.