• December 2017

    Rollout of Commercial Networks in Europe, Africa and the Middle East

  • September 2016

    The 1st 8T8R Pegasus Platform goes live in Orsay, France.

  • December 2015

    Deploying Base Stations

    Field Acceptance Test of their commercially deployable base station is completed in December 2015.


  • November 2014

    Strategic Partnership

    In order to strengthen their production capabilities Kleos signed strategic partnerships with prominent manufacturing houses in the United States and China.


  • September 2014

    2nd Generation Platform

    Kleos completed the design of the 2nd Generation platform and commenced manufacturing.


  • January 2014


    Kleos secured their 2nd operator license in Mozambique and established Greenisis as the entity to hold the licenses in various countries and conduct operations.


  • January 2013

    2nd Generation of LTE

    Kleos started designing their 2nd Generation LTE compatible base station.



  • January 2012

    Commercial Operations

    Kleos successfully launched their commercial operation in Bahrain.



  • January 2010

    Bahrain Success Story

    Kleos successfully deployed the network in Bahrain and developed a set of highly advanced tools to help them efficiently run the operation in Bahrain (Billing, Monitoring, Quality Control, Ticketing system, Legal Instruments, Payment methods, Collection mechanisms, etc.)



  • September 2007


    Kleos secured their first license as an operator in the Kingdom of Bahrain and developed Greenisis the first Green Wireless Broadband platform.


  • January 2007

    Breakthrough in safety

    Kleos developed an advanced public safety platform that utilizes unique features of their wireless platform rendering it immune to jamming and Interception.



  • January 2006


    Kleos was established as an entity to secure and own licenses worldwide and to build and operate networks using their unique know-how and advanced platform and set of tools.



  • January 2003

    The Optimisation of Frequency

    Kleos team identified the optimal frequency band that was used by all iBurst systems and designed and deployed countrywide networks in Australia, South Africa, Malaysia and several other countries.


  • January 2002


    Founders of Kleos collaborated with Kyocera to create iBurst, one of the leading wireless technologies of its time.


  • January 2001

    Innovation of the HC-SDMA

    Founders of Kleos were at the origin of HC-SDMA in 2001, the basis of the TDD version of 802.20.



  • March 2000


    Kleos was founded in 2000 by a group of leading engineers who developed the vision of IP based connectivity becoming a commodity using wireless IP switching.


Mission & Vision

To empower the telecom industry in operating to the highest levels of technological breakthroughs by combining innovation with practicality.

Kleos aims at becoming the most ecofriendly telecom mediator leaving a minimal carbon footprint on the environment, through minimizing the need for bulk production of antennas, base stations and probes amongst other capacitors.

Core Values